نص ٤۱-٥٠


٤١ من النّاس من غرّته العلوم وبها منع عن اسمي القيّوم واذا سمع صوت النّعال عن خلفه يرى نفسه اكبر من نمرود قل اين هو يا ايّها المردود تالله انّه لفي اسفل الجحيم. ۲٦ قل يا معشر العلمآء اما تسمعون صرير قلمي الاعلى واما ترون هذه الشّمس المشرقة من الافق الابهى الى م اعتكفتم على اصنام اهوآئكم دعوا الاوهام وتوجّهوا الى الله مولاكم القديم. التلاوة 

Amongst the people is he whose learning hath made him proud, and who hath been debarred thereby from recognizing My Name, the Self-Subsisting; who, when he heareth the tread of sandals following behind him, waxeth greater in his own esteem than Nimrod. Say: O rejected one! Where now is his abode? By God, it is the nethermost fire. Say: O concourse of divines! Hear ye not the shrill voice of My Most Exalted Pen? See ye not this Sun that shineth in refulgent splendour above the All-Glorious Horizon? For how long will ye worship the idols of your evil passions? Forsake your vain imaginings, and turn yourselves unto God, your Everlasting Lord. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 41

٤۲ قد رجعت الاوقاف المختصّة للخيرات الى الله مظهر الايات ليس لاحد ان يتصرّف فيها الاّ بعد اذن مطلع الوحي ومن بعده يرجع الحكم الى الاغصان ومن بعدهم الى بيت العدل ان تحقّق امره في البلاد ليصرفوها في البقاع المرتفعة في هذا الامر وفيما امروا به من لدن مقتدر قدير. ۲٧ والاّ ترجع الى اهل البهآء الّذين لا يتكلّمون الاّ بعد اذنه ولا يحكمون الاّ بما حكم الله في هذا اللّوح اولئك اولياء النّصر بين السّموات والارضين. ليصرفوها فيما حدّد في الكتاب من لدن عزيز كريم. التلاوة 

Endowments dedicated to charity revert to God, the Revealer of Signs. None hath the right to dispose of them without leave from Him Who is the Dawning-place of Revelation. After Him, this authority shall pass to the Aghsán, and after them to the House of Justice -- should it be established in the world by then -- that they may use these endowments for the benefit of the Places which have been exalted in this Cause, and for whatsoever hath been enjoined upon them by Him Who is the God of might and power. Otherwise, the endowments shall revert to the people of Bahá who speak not except by His leave and judge not save in accordance with what God hath decreed in this Tablet -- lo, they are the champions of victory betwixt heaven and earth -- that they may use them in the manner that hath been laid down in the Book by God, the Mighty, the Bountiful. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 42

٤۳ لا تجزعوا في المصآئب ولا تفرحوا ابتغوا امراً بين الامرين هو التّذكّر في تلك الحالة والتّنبّه على ما يرد عليكم في العاقبة كذلك ينبّئكم العليم الخبير. التلاوة 

Lament not in your hours of trial, neither rejoice therein; seek ye the Middle Way which is the remembrance of Me in your afflictions and reflection over that which may befall you in future. Thus informeth you He Who is the Omniscient, He Who is aware. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 43

٤٤ لا تحلقوا رؤسكم قد زيّنها الله بالشّعر وفي ذلك لايات لمن ينظر الى مقتضيات الطّبيعة من لدن مالك البريّة انّه لهو العزيز الحكيم. ولا ينبغي ان يتجاوز عن حدّ الاذان هذا ما حكم به مولى العالمين. ۲۸ التلاوة 

Shave not your heads; God hath adorned them with hair, and in this there are signs from the Lord of creation to those who reflect upon the requirements of nature. He, verily, is the God of strength and wisdom. Notwithstanding, it is not seemly to let the hair pass beyond the limit of the ears. Thus hath it been decreed by Him Who is the Lord of all worlds. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 44

٤٥ قد كتب على السّارق النّفي والحبس وفي الثّالث فاجعلوا في جبينه علامة يعرف بها لئلاّ تقبله مدن الله ودياره ايّاكم ان تأخذكم الرّأفة في دين الله اعملوا ما امرتم به من لدن مشفق رحيم. انّا ربّيناكم بسياط الحكمة والاحكام حفظاً لانفسكم وارتفاعاً لمقاماتكم كما يربّي الابآء ابنآئهم لعمري لو تعرفون ما اردناه لكم من اوامرنا المقدّسة لتفدون ارواحكم لهذا الامر المقدّس العزيز المنيع. التلاوة 

Exile and imprisonment are decreed for the thief, and, on the third offence, place ye a mark upon his brow so that, thus identified, he may not be accepted in the cities of God and His countries. Beware lest, through compassion, ye neglect to carry out the statutes of the religion of God; do that which hath been bidden you by Him Who is compassionate and merciful. We school you with the rod of wisdom and laws, like unto the father who educateth his son, and this for naught but the protection of your own selves and the elevation of your stations. By My life, were ye to discover what We have desired for you in revealing Our holy laws, ye would offer up your very souls for this sacred, this mighty, and most exalted Faith. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 45

٤٦ من اراد ان يستعمل اواني الذّهب والفضّة لا بأس عليه ايّاكم ان تنغمس اياديكم فى الصّحاف والصّحان خذوا ما يكون اقرب الى اللّطافة انّه اراد ان يراكم على اداب اهل الرّضوان في ملكوته الممتنع المنيع. ۲٩ تمسّكوا باللّطافة في كلّ الاحوال لئلاّ تقع العيون على ما تكرهه انفسكم واهل الفردوس والّذي تجاوز عنها يحبط عمله في الحين. وان كان له عذر يعفو الله عنه انّه لهو العزيز الكريم. التلاوة 

Whoso wisheth to make use of vessels of silver and gold is at liberty to do so. Take heed lest, when partaking of food, ye plunge your hands into the contents of bowls and platters. Adopt ye such usages as are most in keeping with refinement. He, verily, desireth to see in you the manners of the inmates of Paradise in His mighty and most sublime Kingdom. Hold ye fast unto refinement under all conditions, that your eyes may be preserved from beholding what is repugnant both to your own selves and to the dwellers of Paradise. Should anyone depart therefrom, his deed shall at that moment be rendered vain; yet should he have good reason, God will excuse him. He, in truth, is the Gracious, the Most Bountiful. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 46

٤٧ ليس لمطلع الامر شريك فى العصمة الكبرى انّه لمظهر يفعل ما يشآء في ملكوت الانشآء قد خصّ الله هذا المقام لنفسه وما قدّر لاحد نصيب من هذا الشّأن العظيم المنيع. هذا امر الله قد كان مستوراً في حجب الغيب اظهرناه في هذا الظّهور وبه خرقنا حجاب الّذين ما عرفوا حكم الكتاب وكانوا من الغافلين. ۳٠ التلاوة 

He Who is the Dawning-place of God's Cause hath no partner in the Most Great Infallibility. He it is Who, in the kingdom of creation, is the Manifestation of "He doeth whatsoever He willeth". God hath reserved this distinction unto His own Self, and ordained for none a share in so sublime and transcendent a station. This is the Decree of God, concealed ere now within the veil of impenetrable mystery. We have disclosed it in this Revelation, and have thereby rent asunder the veils of such as have failed to recognize that which the Book of God set forth and who were numbered with the heedless. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 47

٤٨ كتب على كلّ اب تربية ابنه وبنته بالعلم والخطّ ودونهما عمّا حدّد في اللّوح والّذي ترك ما امر به فللامنآء ان يأخذوا منه ما يكون لازماً لتربيتهما ان كان غنيّاً والاّ يرجع الى بيت العدل انّا جعلناه مأوى الفقرآء والمساكين. انّ الّذي ربّى ابنه او ابناً من الابنآء كانّه ربّى احد ابنآئي عليه بهآئي وعنايتي ورحمتي الّتي سبقت العالمين. التلاوة 

Unto every father hath been enjoined the instruction of his son and daughter in the art of reading and writing and in all that hath been laid down in the Holy Tablet. He that putteth away that which is commanded unto him, the Trustees are then to take from him that which is required for their instruction if he be wealthy and, if not, the matter devolveth upon the House of Justice. Verily have We made it a shelter for the poor and needy. He that bringeth up his son or the son of another, it is as though he hath brought up a son of Mine; upon him rest My glory, My loving-kindness, My mercy, that have compassed the world. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 48

٤٩ قد حكم الله لكلّ زانٍ وزانية دية مسلّمة الى بيت العدل وهي تسعة مثاقيل من الذّهب وان عادا مرّة اخرى عودوا بضعف الجزآء هذا ما حكم به مالك الاسماء في الاولى وفي الاخرى قدّر لهما عذاب مهين. ۳۱ من ابتلي بمعصية فله ان يتوب ويرجع الى الله انّه يغفر لمن يشآء ولا يسئل عمّا شآء انّه لهو التّوّاب العزيز الحميد. التلاوة 

God hath imposed a fine on every adulterer and adulteress, to be paid to the House of Justice: nine mithqáls of gold, to be doubled if they should repeat the offence Such is the penalty which He Who is the Lord of Names hath assigned them in this world; and in the world to come He hath ordained for them a humiliating torment. Should anyone be afflicted by a sin, it behoveth him to repent thereof and return unto his Lord. He, verily, granteth forgiveness unto whomsoever He willeth, and none may question that which it pleaseth Him to ordain. He is, in truth, the Ever-Forgiving, the Almighty, the All-Praised. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 49

٥٠ ايّاكم ان تمنعكم سبحات الجلال عن زلال هذا السّلسال خذوا اقداح الفلاح في هذا الصّباح باسم فالق الاصباح ثمّ اشربوا بذكره العزيز البديع. التلاوة 

Beware lest ye be hindered by the veils of glory from partaking of the crystal waters of this living Fountain. Seize ye the chalice of salvation at this dawntide in the name of Him Who causeth the day to break, and drink your fill in praise of Him Who is the All-Glorious, the Incomparable. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 50


نص ٤۱-٥٠

إنّ هذا الموقع يُدار من قِبَل فرد بهائيّ، وهو لا يمثّل المركز البهائي العالمي على الانترنت.
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