نص ٥۱-٦٠


٥١ انّا حلّلنا لكم اصغآء الاصوات والنّغمات ايّـاكم ان يخرجكم الاصغآء عن شأن الادب والوقار افرحوا بفرح اسمي الاعظم الّذي به تولّهت الافئدة وانجذبت عقول المقرّبين. انّـا جعلناه مرقاة لعروج الارواح الى الافق الاعلى لا تجعلوه جناح النّفس والهوى انّـي اعوذ ان تكونوا من الجاهلين. ۳۲ التلاوة 

We have made it lawful for you to listen to music and singing. Take heed, however, lest listening thereto should cause you to overstep the bounds of propriety and dignity. Let your joy be the joy born of My Most Great Name, a Name that bringeth rapture to the heart, and filleth with ecstasy the minds of all who have drawn nigh unto God. We, verily, have made music as a ladder for your souls, a means whereby they may be lifted up unto the realm on high; make it not, therefore, as wings to self and passion. Truly, We are loath to see you numbered with the foolish. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 51

٥۲ قد ارجعنا ثلث الدّيات كلّها الى مقرّ العدل ونوصي رجاله بالعدل الخالص ليصرفوا ما اجتمع عندهم فيما امروا به من لدن عليم حكيم. يا رجال العدل كونوا رعاة اغنام الله في مملكته واحفظوهم عن الذّئاب الّذين ظهروا بالاثواب كما تحفظون ابنآئكم كذلك ينصحكم النّاصح الامين. التلاوة 

We have decreed that a third part of all fines shall go to the Seat of Justice, and We admonish its men to observe pure justice, that they may expend what is thus accumulated for such purposes as have been enjoined upon them by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. O ye Men of Justice! Be ye, in the realm of God, shepherds unto His sheep and guard them from the ravening wolves that have appeared in disguise, even as ye would guard your own sons. Thus exhorteth you the Counsellor, the Faithful. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 52

٥۳ اذا اختلفتم في امر فارجعوه الى الله ما دامت الشّمس مشرقة من افق هذه السّمآء واذا غربت ارجعوا الى ما نزّل من عنده انّه ليكفي العالمين. ۳۳ قل يا قوم لا يأخذكم الاضطراب اذا غاب ملكوت ظهوري وسكنت امواج بحر بياني انّ في ظهوري لحكمة وفي غيبتي حكمة اخرى ما اطّلع بها الاّ الله الفرد الخبير. ونراكم من افقي الابهى وننصر من قام على نصرة امري بجنود من الملأ الاعلى وقبيل من الملئكة المقرّبين. التلاوة 

Should differences arise amongst you over any matter, refer it to God while the Sun still shineth above the horizon of this Heaven and, when it hath set, refer ye to whatsoever hath been sent down by Him. This, verily, is sufficient unto the peoples of the world. Say: Let not your hearts be perturbed, O people, when the glory of My Presence is withdrawn, and the ocean of My utterance is stilled. In My presence amongst you there is a wisdom, and in My absence there is yet another, inscrutable to all but God, the Incomparable, the All-Knowing. Verily, We behold you from Our realm of glory, and shall aid whosoever will arise for the triumph of Our Cause with the hosts of the Concourse on high and a company of Our favoured angels. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 53

٥٤ يا ملأ الارض تالله الحقّ قد انفجرت من الاحجار الانهار العذبة السّآئغة بما اخذتها حلاوة بيان ربّكم المختار وانتم من الغافلين. دعوا ما عندكم ثمّ طيروا بقوادم الانقطاع فوق الابداع كذلك يأمركم مالك الاختراع الّذي بحركة قلمه قلّب العالمين. ۳٤ التلاوة 

O peoples of the earth! God, the Eternal Truth, is My witness that streams of fresh and soft-flowing waters have gushed from the rocks through the sweetness of the words uttered by your Lord, the Unconstrained; and still ye slumber. Cast away that which ye possess, and, on the wings of detachment, soar beyond all created things. Thus biddeth you the Lord of creation, the movement of Whose Pen hath revolutionized the soul of mankind. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 54

٥٥ هل تعرفون من ايّ افق يناديكم ربّكم الابهى وهل علمتم من اي قلم يأمركم ربّكم مالك الاسمآء لا وعمري لو عرفتم لتركتم الدّنيا مقبلين بالقلوب الى شطر المحبوب واخذكم اهتزاز الكلمة على شأن يهتزّ منه العالم الاكبر وكيف هذا العالم الصّغير. كذلك هطلت من سمآء عنايتي امطار مكرمتي فضلاً من عندي لتكونوا من الشّاكرين. التلاوة 

Know ye from what heights your Lord, the All-Glorious, is calling? Think ye that ye have recognized the Pen wherewith your Lord, the Lord of all names, commandeth you? Nay, by My life! Did ye but know it, ye would renounce the world, and would hasten with your whole hearts to the presence of the Well-Beloved. Your spirits would be so transported by His Word as to throw into commotion the Greater World -- how much more this small and petty one! Thus have the showers of My bounty been poured down from the heaven of My loving-kindness, as a token of My grace, that ye may be of the thankful. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 55

٥٦ امّا الشّجاج والضّرب تختلف احكامهما باختلاف مقاديرهما وحكم الدّيّان لكلّ مقدار دية معيّنة انّه لهو الحاكم العزيز المنيع. لو نشآء نفصّلها بالحقّ وعداً من عندنا انّه لهو الموفي العليم. ۳٥ التلاوة 

The penalties for wounding or striking a person depend upon the severity of the injury; for each degree the Lord of Judgement hath prescribed a certain indemnity. He is, in truth, the Ordainer, the Mighty, the Most Exalted. We shall, if it be Our Will, set forth these payments in their just degrees -- this is a promise on Our part, and He, verily, is the Keeper of His pledge, the Knower of all things. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 56

٥٧ قد رقم عليكم الضّيافة في كلّ شهر مرّة واحدة ولو بالمآء انّ الله اراد ان يؤلّف بين القلوب ولو باسباب السّموات والارضين. التلاوة 

Verily, it is enjoined upon you to offer a feast, once in every month, though only water be served; for God hath purposed to bind hearts together, albeit through both earthly and heavenly means. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 57

٥٨ ايّاكم ان تفرّقكم شئونات النّفس والهوى كونوا كالاصابع في اليد والاركان للبدن كذلك يعظكم قلم الوحي ان انتم من الموقنين. التلاوة 

Beware lest the desires of the flesh and of a corrupt inclination provoke divisions among you. Be ye as the fingers of one hand, the members of one body. Thus counselleth you the Pen of Revelation, if ye be of them that believe. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 58

٥٩ فانظروا في رحمة الله والطافه انّه يأمركم بما ينفعكم بعد اذ كان غنيّاً عن العالمين. لن تضرّنا سيّئاتكم كما لا تنفعنا حسناتكم انّما ندعوكم لوجه الله يشهد بذلك كلّ عالم بصير. التلاوة 

Consider the mercy of God and His gifts. He enjoineth upon you that which shall profit you, though He Himself can well dispense with all creatures. Your evil doings can never harm Us, neither can your good works profit Us. We summon you wholly for the sake of God. To this every man of understanding and insight will testify. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 59

٦٠ اذا ارسلتم الجوارح الى الصّيد اذكروا الله اذاً يحلّ ما امسكن لكم ولو تجدونه ميتاً انّه لهو العليم الخبير. ۳٦ ايّاكم ان تسرفوا فى ذلك كونوا على صراط العدل والانصاف في كلّ الامور كذلك يأمركم مطلع الظّهور ان انتم من العارفين. التلاوة 

If ye should hunt with beasts or birds of prey, invoke ye the Name of God when ye send them to pursue their quarry; for then whatever they catch shall be lawful unto you, even should ye find it to have died. He, verily, is the Omniscient, the All-Informed. Take heed, however, that ye hunt not to excess. Tread ye the path of justice and equity in all things. Thus biddeth you He Who is the Dawning-place of Revelation, would that ye might comprehend. Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph # 60


نص ٥۱-٦٠

إنّ هذا الموقع يُدار من قِبَل فرد بهائيّ، وهو لا يمثّل المركز البهائي العالمي على الانترنت.
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