نص الكتاب الأقدس

٣١ يا ملأ الانشآء عمّروا بيوتاً باكمل ما يمكن في الامكان باسم مالك الاديان في البلدان وزيّنوها بما ينبغي لها لا بالصّور والامثال. ثمّ اذكروا فيها ربّكم الرّحمن بالرّوح والرّيحان الا بذكره تستنير الصّدور وتقرّ الابصار.  التلاوة 

31  O people of the world! Build ye houses of worship throughout the lands in the name of Him Who is the Lord of all religions. Make them as perfect as is possible in the world of being, and adorn them with that which befitteth them, not with images and effigies. Then, with radiance and joy, celebrate therein the praise of your Lord, the Most Compassionate. Verily, by His remembrance the eye is cheered and the heart is filled with light.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #31

٣۳ يا اهل البهآء قد وجب على كلّ واحد منكم الاشتغال بامر من الامور من الصّنآئع والاقتراف وامثالها وجعلنا اشتغالكم بها نفس العبادة لله الحقّ تفكّروا يا قوم في رحمة الله والطافه ثمّ اشكروه في العشيّ والاشراق. ۱٩ لا تضيّعوا اوقاتكم بالبطالة والكسالة واشتغلوا بما ينتفع به انفسكم وانفس غيركم كذلك قضي الامر في هذا اللّوح الّذي لاحت من افقه شمس الحكمة والتّبيان. ابغض النّاس عند الله من يقعد ويطلب تمسّكوا بحبل الاسباب متوكّلين على الله مسبّب الاسباب.  التلاوة 

33  O people of Bahá! It is incumbent upon each one of you to engage in some occupation -- such as a craft, a trade or the like. We have exalted your engagement in such work to the rank of worship of the one true God. Reflect, O people, on the grace and blessings of your Lord, and yield Him thanks at eventide and dawn. Waste not your hours in idleness and sloth, but occupy yourselves with what will profit you and others. Thus hath it been decreed in this Tablet from whose horizon hath shone the day-star of wisdom and utterance. The most despised of men in the sight of God are they who sit and beg. Hold ye fast unto the cord of means and place your trust in God, the Provider of all means.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #33

٣٤ قد حرّم عليكم تقبيل الايادي في الكتاب هذا ما نهيتم عنه من لدن ربّكم العزيز الحكّام. ليس لاحد ان يستغفر عند احد توبوا الى الله تلقآء انفسكم انّه لهو الغافر المعطي العزيز التّوّاب.  التلاوة 

34  The kissing of hands hath been forbidden in the Book. This practice is prohibited by God, the Lord of glory and command. To none is it permitted to seek absolution from another soul; let repentance be between yourselves and God. He, verily, is the Pardoner, the Bounteous, the Gracious, the One Who absolveth the repentant.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #34

٣٥ يا عباد الرّحمن قوموا على خدمة الامر على شأن لا تأخذكم الاحزان من الّذين كفروا بمطلع الايات. ۲٠ لمّا جآء الوعد وظهر الموعود اختلف النّاس وتمسّك كلّ حزب بما عنده من الظّنون والاوهام.  التلاوة 

35  O ye servants of the Merciful One! Arise to serve the Cause of God, in such wise that the cares and sorrows caused by them that have disbelieved in the Dayspring of the Signs of God may not afflict you. At the time when the Promise was fulfilled and the Promised One made manifest, differences have appeared amongst the kindreds of the earth and each people hath followed its own fancy and idle imaginings.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #35

٣٦ من النّاس من يقعد صفّ النّعال طلباً لصدر الجلال قل من انت يا ايّها الغافل الغرّار. ومنهم من يدّعي الباطن وباطن الباطن قل يا ايّها الكذّاب تالله ما عندك انّه من القشور تركناها لكم كما تترك العظام للكلاب. تالله الحقّ لو يغسل احد ارجل العالم ويعبد الله على الادغال والشّواجن والجبال والقنان والشّناخيب وعند كلّ حجر وشجر ومدر ولا يتضوّع منه عرف رضآئي لن يقبل ابداً هذا ما حكم به مولى الانام. ۲۱ كم من عبد اعتزل في جزآئر الهند ومنع عن نفسه ما احلّه الله له وحمل الرّياضات والمشقّات ولم يذكر عند الله منزل الايات. لا تجعلوا الاعمال شرك الآمال ولا تحرموا انفسكم عن هذا المآل الّذي كان امل المقرّبين في ازل الازال. قل روح الاعمال هو رضآئي وعلّق كلّ شيء بقبولي اقرئوا الالواح لتعرفوا ما هو المقصود في كتب الله العزيز الوهّاب. من فاز بحبّي حقّ له ان يقعد على سرير العقيان في صدر الامكان والّذي منع عنه لو يقعد على التّراب انّه يستعيذ منه الى الله مالك الاديان. ۲۲ التلاوة 

36  Amongst the people is he who seateth himself amid the sandals by the door whilst coveting in his heart the seat of honour. Say: What manner of man art thou, O vain and heedless one, who wouldst appear as other than thou art? And among the people is he who layeth claim to inner knowledge, and still deeper knowledge concealed within this knowledge. Say: Thou speakest false! By God! What thou dost possess is naught but husks which We have left to thee as bones are left to dogs. By the righteousness of the one true God! Were anyone to wash the feet of all mankind, and were he to worship God in the forests, valleys, and mountains, upon high hills and lofty peaks, to leave no rock or tree, no clod of earth, but was a witness to his worship -- yet, should the fragrance of My good pleasure not be inhaled from him, his works would never be acceptable unto God. Thus hath it been decreed by Him Who is the Lord of all. How many a man hath secluded himself in the climes of India, denied himself the things that God hath decreed as lawful, imposed upon himself austerities and mortifications, and hath not been remembered by God, the Revealer of Verses. Make not your deeds as snares wherewith to entrap the object of your aspiration, and deprive not yourselves of this Ultimate Objective for which have ever yearned all such as have drawn nigh unto God. Say: The very life of all deeds is My good pleasure, and all things depend upon Mine acceptance. Read ye the Tablets that ye may know what hath been purposed in the Books of God, the All-Glorious, the Ever-Bounteous. He who attaineth to My love hath title to a throne of gold, to sit thereon in honour over all the world; he who is deprived thereof, though he sit upon the dust, that dust would seek refuge with God, the Lord of all Religions.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #36

٣٧ من يدّعي امراً قبل اتمام الف سنة كاملة انّه كذّاب مفترٍ نسئل الله بان يؤيّده على الرّجوع ان تاب انّه هو التّوّاب وان اصرّ على ما قال يبعث عليه من لا يرحمه انّه شديد العقاب. من يأوّل هذه الاية أو يفسّرها بغير ما نزّل في الظّاهر انّه محروم من روح الله ورحمته الّتي سبقت العالمين. خافوا الله ولا تتّبعوا ما عندكم من الاوهام اتّبعوا ما يأمركم به ربّكم العزيز الحكيم. سوف يرتفع النّعاق من اكثر البلدان اجتنبوا يا قوم ولا تتّبعوا كلّ فاجر لئيم. هذا ما اخبرناكم به اذ كنّا فى العراق وفى ارض السّرّ وفى هذا المنظر المنير ۲۳ التلاوة 

37  Whoso layeth claim to a Revelation direct from God, ere the expiration of a full thousand years, such a man is assuredly a lying impostor. We pray God that He may graciously assist him to retract and repudiate such claim. Should he repent, God will, no doubt, forgive him. If, however, he persisteth in his error, God will, assuredly, send down one who will deal mercilessly with him. Terrible, indeed, is God in punishing! Whosoever interpreteth this verse otherwise than its obvious meaning is deprived of the Spirit of God and of His mercy which encompasseth all created things. Fear God, and follow not your idle fancies. Nay, rather, follow the bidding of your Lord, the Almighty, the All-Wise. Erelong shall clamorous voices be raised in most lands. Shun them, O My people, and follow not the iniquitous and evil-hearted. This is that of which We gave you forewarning when We were dwelling in 'Iráq, then later while in the Land of Mystery, and now from this Resplendent Spot.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #37

٣٨ يا اهل الارض اذا غربت شمس جمالي وسترت سماء هيكلي لا تضطربوا قوموا على نصرة امري وارتفاع كلمتي بين العالمين. انّا معكم في كلّ الاحوال وننصركم بالحقّ انّا كنّا قادرين. من عرفني يقوم على خدمتي بقيام لا تقعده جنود السّموات والارضين.  التلاوة 

38  Be not dismayed, O peoples of the world, when the day-star of My beauty is set, and the heaven of My tabernacle is concealed from your eyes. Arise to further My Cause, and to exalt My Word amongst men. We are with you at all times, and shall strengthen you through the power of truth. We are truly almighty. Whoso hath recognized Me will arise and serve Me with such determination that the powers of earth and heaven shall be unable to defeat his purpose.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #38

٣٩ انّ النّاس نيام لو انتبهوا سرعوا بالقلوب الى الله العليم الحكيم. ونبذوا ما عندهم ولو كان كنوز الدّنيا كلّها ليذكرهم مولاهم بكلمة من عنده كذلك ينبّئكم من عنده علم الغيب في لوح ما ظهر في الامكان وما اطّلع به الاّ نفسه المهيمنة على العالمين. ۲٤ قد اخذهم سكر الهوى على شأن لا يرون مولى الورى الّذي ارتفع ندآئه من كلّ الجهات لا اله الاّ انا العزيز الحكيم.  التلاوة 

39  The peoples of the world are fast asleep. Were they to wake from their slumber, they would hasten with eagerness unto God, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. They would cast away everything they possess, be it all the treasures of the earth, that their Lord may remember them to the extent of addressing to them but one word. Such is the instruction given you by Him Who holdeth the knowledge of things hidden, in a Tablet which the eye of creation hath not seen, and which is revealed to none except His own Self, the omnipotent Protector of all worlds. So bewildered are they in the drunkenness of their evil desires, that they are powerless to recognize the Lord of all being, Whose voice calleth aloud from every direction: "There is none other God but Me, the Mighty, the All-Wise."  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #39

٤٠ قل لا تفرحوا بما ملكتموه في العشيّ وفي الاشراق يملكه غيركم كذلك يخبركم العليم الخبير. قل هل رأيتم لما عندكم من قرار او وفآء لا ونفسي الرّحمن لو انتم من المنصفين. تمرّ ايّام حيوتكم كما تمرّ الارياح ويطوى بساط عزّكم كما طوي بساط الاوّلين. تفكّروا يا قوم اين ايّامكم الماضية واين اعصاركم الخالية طوبى لايّام مضت بذكر الله ولاوقات صرفت في ذكره الحكيم. ۲٥ لعمري لا تبقى عزّة الاعزّآء ولا زخارف الاغنيآء ولا شوكة الاشقيآء سيفنى الكلّ بكلمة من عنده انّه لهو المقتدر العزيز القدير. لا ينفع النّاس ما عندهم من الاثاث وما ينفعهم غفلوا عنه سوف ينتبهون ولا يجدون ما فات عنهم في ايّام ربّهم العزيز الحميد. لو يعرفون ينفقون ما عندهم لتذكر اسمآئهم لدى العرش الا انّهم من الميّتين.  التلاوة 

40  Say: Rejoice not in the things ye possess; tonight they are yours, tomorrow others will possess them. Thus warneth you He Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Informed. Say: Can ye claim that what ye own is lasting or secure? Nay! By Myself, the All-Merciful, ye cannot, if ye be of them who judge fairly. The days of your life flee away as a breath of wind, and all your pomp and glory shall be folded up as were the pomp and glory of those gone before you. Reflect, O people! What hath become of your bygone days, your lost centuries? Happy the days that have been consecrated to the remembrance of God, and blessed the hours which have been spent in praise of Him Who is the All-Wise. By My life! Neither the pomp of the mighty, nor the wealth of the rich, nor even the ascendancy of the ungodly will endure. All will perish, at a word from Him. He, verily, is the All-Powerful, the All-Compelling, the Almighty. What advantage is there in the earthly things which men possess? That which shall profit them, they have utterly neglected. Erelong, they will awake from their slumber, and find themselves unable to obtain that which hath escaped them in the days of their Lord, the Almighty, the All-Praised. Did they but know it, they would renounce their all, that their names may be mentioned before His throne. They, verily, are accounted among the dead.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #40

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