نص الكتاب الأقدس

١٠١ يا معشر العلمآء هل يقدر احد منكم ان يستنّ معي في ميدان المكاشفة والعرفان او يجول في مضمار الحكمة والتّبيان لا وربّي الرّحمن كلّ من عليها فانٍ وهذا وجه ربّكم العزيز المحبوب. ٦۱ التلاوة 

101  O ye leaders of religion! Who is the man amongst you that can rival Me in vision or insight? Where is he to be found that dareth to claim to be My equal in utterance or wisdom? No, by My Lord, the All-Merciful! All on the earth shall pass away; and this is the face of your Lord, the Almighty, the Well-Beloved.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #101

١٠۲ يا قوم انّا قدّرنا العلوم لعرفان المعلوم وانتم احتجبتم بها عن مشرقها الّذي به ظهر كلّ امر مكنون. لو عرفتم الافق الّذي منه اشرقت شمس الكلام لنبذتم الانام وما عندهم واقبلتم الى المقام المحمود.  التلاوة 

102  We have decreed, O people, that the highest and last end of all learning be the recognition of Him Who is the Object of all knowledge; and yet, behold how ye have allowed your learning to shut you out, as by a veil, from Him Who is the Dayspring of this Light, through Whom every hidden thing hath been revealed. Could ye but discover the source whence the splendour of this utterance is diffused, ye would cast away the peoples of the world and all that they possess, and would draw nigh unto this most blessed Seat of glory.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #102

١٠۳ قل هذه لسمآء فيها كنز امّ الكتاب لو انتم تعقلون. هذا لهو الّذي به صاحت الصّخرة ونادت السّدرة على الطّور المرتفع على الارض المباركة الملك لله الملك العزيز الودود.  التلاوة 

103  Say: This, verily, is the heaven in which the Mother Book is treasured, could ye but comprehend it. He it is Who hath caused the Rock to shout, and the Burning Bush to lift up its voice, upon the Mount rising above the Holy Land, and proclaim: "The Kingdom is God's, the sovereign Lord of all, the All-Powerful, the Loving!"  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #103

١٠٤ انّا ما دخلنا المدارس وما طالعنا المباحث اسمعوا ما يدعوكم به هذا الامّيّ الى الله الابديّ انّه خير لكم عمّا كنز في الارض لو انتم تفقهون. ٦۲ التلاوة 

104  We have not entered any school, nor read any of your dissertations. Incline your ears to the words of this unlettered One, wherewith He summoneth you unto God, the Ever-Abiding. Better is this for you than all the treasures of the earth, could ye but comprehend it.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #104

١٠٥ انّ الّذي يأوّل ما نزّل من سمآء الوحي ويخرجه عن الظّاهر انّه ممّن حرّف كلمة الله العليا وكان من الاخسرين في كتاب مبين.  التلاوة 

105  Whoso interpreteth what hath been sent down from the heaven of Revelation, and altereth its evident meaning, he, verily, is of them that have perverted the Sublime Word of God, and is of the lost ones in the Lucid Book.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #105

١٠٦ قد كتب عليكم تقليم الاظفار والدّخول في مآء يحيط هياكلكم في كلّ اسبوع وتنظيف ابدانكم بما استعملتموه من قبل ايّاكم ان تمنعكم الغفلة عمّا امرتم به من لدن عزيز عظيم. ادخلوا مآء بكراً والمستعمل منه لا يجوز الدّخول فيه ايّاكم ان تقربوا خزآئن حمّامات العجم من قصدها وجد رآئحتها المنتنة قبل وروده فيها تجنّبوا يا قوم ولا تكوننّ من الصّاغرين. ٦۳ انّه يشبه بالصّديد والغسلين ان انتم من العارفين. وكذلك حياضهم المنتنة اتركوها وكونوا من المقدّسين . انّا اردنا ان نراكم مظاهر الفردوس في الارض ليتضوّع منكم ما تفرح به افئدة المقرّبين. والّذي يصبّ عليه المآء ويغسل به بدنه خير له ويكفيه عن الدّخول انّه اراد ان يسهّل عليكم الامور فضلاً من عنده لتكونوا من الشّاكرين.  التلاوة 

106  It hath been enjoined upon you to pare your nails, to bathe yourselves each week in water that covereth your bodies, and to clean yourselves with whatsoever ye have formerly employed. Take heed lest through negligence ye fail to observe that which hath been prescribed unto you by Him Who is the Incomparable, the Gracious. Immerse yourselves in clean water; it is not permissible to bathe yourselves in water that hath already been used. See that ye approach not the public pools of Persian baths; whoso maketh his way toward such baths will smell their fetid odour ere he entereth therein. Shun them, O people, and be not of those who ignominiously accept such vileness. In truth, they are as sinks of foulness and contamination, if ye be of them that apprehend. Avoid ye likewise the malodorous pools in the courtyards of Persian homes, and be ye of the pure and sanctified. Truly, We desire to behold you as manifestations of paradise on earth, that there may be diffused from you such fragrance as shall rejoice the hearts of the favoured of God. If the bather, instead of entering the water, wash himself by pouring it upon his body, it shall be better for him and shall absolve him of the need for bodily immersion. The Lord, verily, hath willed, as a bounty from His presence, to make life easier for you that ye may be of those who are truly thankful.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #106

١٠٧ قد حرّمت عليكم ازواج ابآئكم انّا نستحي ان نذكر حكم الغلمان اتّقوا الرّحمن يا ملأ الامكان ولا ترتكبوا ما نهيتم عنه في اللّوح ولا تكونوا في هيمآء الشّهوات من الهآئمين. ٦٤ التلاوة 

107  It is forbidden you to wed your fathers' wives. We shrink, for very shame, from treating of the subject of boys. Fear ye the Merciful, O peoples of the world! Commit not that which is forbidden you in Our Holy Tablet, and be not of those who rove distractedly in the wilderness of their desires.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #107

١٠٨ ليس لاحد ان يحرّك لسانه امام النّاس اذ يمشي في الطّرق والاسواق بل ينبغي لمن اراد الذّكر ان يذكر في مقام بني لذكر الله او في بيته هذا اقرب بالخلوص والتّقوى كذلك اشرقت شمس الحكم من افق البيان طوبى للعاملين.  التلاوة 

108  To none is it permitted to mutter sacred verses before the public gaze as he walketh in the street or marketplace; nay rather, if he wish to magnify the Lord, it behoveth him to do so in such places as have been erected for this purpose, or in his own home. This is more in keeping with sincerity and godliness. Thus hath the sun of Our commandment shone forth above the horizon of Our utterance. Blessed, then, be those who do Our bidding.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #108

١٠٩ قد فرض لكلّ نفس كتاب الوصيّة وله ان يزيّن رأسه بالاسم الاعظم ويعترف فيه بوحدانيّة الله في مظهر ظهوره ويذكر فيه ما اراد من المعروف ليشهد له في عوالم الامر والخلق ويكون له كنزاً عند ربّه الحافظ الامين. ٦٥ التلاوة 

109  Unto everyone hath been enjoined the writing of a will. The testator should head this document with the adornment of the Most Great Name, bear witness therein unto the oneness of God in the Dayspring of His Revelation, and make mention, as he may wish, of that which is praiseworthy, so that it may be a testimony for him in the kingdoms of Revelation and Creation and a treasure with his Lord, the Supreme Protector, the Faithful.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #109

۱۱٠ قد انتهت الاعياد الى العيدين الاعظمين امّا الاوّل ايّام فيها تجلّى الرّحمن على من في الامكان باسمآئه الحسنى وصفاته العليا والاخر يوم فيه بعثنا من بشّر النّاس بهذا الاسم الّذي به قامت الاموات وحشر من في السّموات والارضين. والاخرين في يومين كذلك قضي الامر من لدن امر عليم.  التلاوة 

110  All Feasts have attained their consummation in the two Most Great Festivals, and in the two other Festivals that fall on the twin days -- the first of the Most Great Festivals being those days whereon the All-Merciful shed upon the whole of creation the effulgent glory of His most excellent Names and His most exalted Attributes, and the second being that day on which We raised up the One Who announced unto mankind the glad tidings of this Name, through which the dead have been resurrected and all who are in the heavens and on earth have been gathered together. Thus hath it been decreed by Him Who is the Ordainer, the Omniscient.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #110

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