نص الكتاب الأقدس

٩١ يا ارض الطّآء لا تحزني من شيء قد جعلك الله مطلع فرح العالمين. ٥٦ لو يشآء يبارك سريرك بالّذي يحكم بالعـدل ويجمع اغـنام الله الّتي تفرّقت من الذّئاب انّه يواجه اهل البهآء بالفرح والانبساط الا انّه من جوهر الخلق لدى الحقّ عليه بهآء الله وبهآء من في ملكوت الامر في كلّ حين.  التلاوة 

91  Let nothing grieve thee, O Land of Tá [Tihrán], for God hath chosen thee to be the source of the joy of all mankind. He shall, if it be His Will, bless thy throne with one who will rule with justice, who will gather together the flock of God which the wolves have scattered. Such a ruler will, with joy and gladness, turn his face towards, and extend his favours unto, the people of Bahá. He indeed is accounted in the sight of God as a jewel among men. Upon him rest forever the glory of God and the glory of all that dwell in the kingdom of His revelation.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #91

٩۲ افرحي بما جعلك الله افق النّور بما ولد فيك مطلع الظّهور وسمّيت بهذا الاسم الّذي به لاح نيّر الفضل واشرقت السّموات والارضون.  التلاوة 

92  Rejoice with great joy, for God hath made thee "the Dayspring of His light", inasmuch as within thee was born the Manifestation of His Glory. Be thou glad for this name that hath been conferred upon thee -- a name through which the Day-Star of grace hath shed its splendour, through which both earth and heaven have been illumined.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #92

٩۳ سوف تنقلب فيك الامور ويحكم عليك جمهور النّاس انّ ربّك لهو العليم المحيط. اطمئنّي بفضل ربّك انّه لا تنقطع عنك لحظات الالطاف سوف يأخذك الاطمينان بعد الاضطراب كذلك قضي الامر في كتاب بديع. ٥٧ التلاوة 

93  Erelong will the state of affairs within thee be changed, and the reins of power fall into the hands of the people. Verily, thy Lord is the All-Knowing. His authority embraceth all things. Rest thou assured in the gracious favour of thy Lord. The eye of His loving-kindness shall everlastingly be directed towards thee. The day is approaching when thy agitation will have been transmuted into peace and quiet calm. Thus hath it been decreed in the wondrous Book.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #93

٩٤ يا ارض الخآء نسمع فيك صوت الرّجال في ذكر ربّك الغنيّ المتعال طوبى ليوم فيه تنصب رايات الاسمآء في ملكوت الانشآء باسمي الابهى يومئذٍ يفرح المخلصون بنصر الله وينوح المشركون.  التلاوة 

94  O Land of Khá! [Khurásán]! We hear from thee the voice of heroes, raised in glorification of thy Lord, the All-Possessing, the Most Exalted. Blessed the day on which the banners of the divine Names shall be upraised in the kingdom of creation in My Name, the All-Glorious. On that day the faithful shall rejoice in the victory of God, and the disbelievers shall lament.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #94

٩٥ ليس لاحد ان يعترض على الّذين يحكمون على العباد دعوا لهم ما عندهم وتوجّهوا الى القلوب.  التلاوة 

95  None must contend with those who wield authority over the people; leave unto them that which is theirs, and direct your attention to men's hearts.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #95

٩٦ يا بحر الاعظم رشّ على الامم ما امرت به من لدن مالك القدم وزيّن هياكل الانام بطراز الاحكام الّتي بها تفرح القلوب وتقرّ العيون.  التلاوة 

96  O Most Mighty Ocean! Sprinkle upon the nations that with which Thou hast been charged by Him Who is the Sovereign of Eternity, and adorn the temples of all the dwellers of the earth with the vesture of His laws through which all hearts will rejoice and all eyes be brightened.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #96

٩٧ والّذي تملّك مائة مثقال من الذّهب فتسعة عشر مثقالاً لله فاطر الارض والسّمآء ايّاكم يا قوم ان تمنعوا انفسكم عن هذا الفضل العظيم. ٥۸ قد امرناكم بهذا بعد اذ كنّا غنيّاً عنكم وعن كلّ من في السّموات والأرضين. انّ في ذلك لحكم ومصالح لم يحط بها علم احد الاّ الله العالم الخبير. قل بذلك اراد تطهير اموالكم وتقربّكم الى مقامات لا يدركها الاّ من شآء الله انّه لهو الفضّال العزيز الكريم. يا قوم لا تخونوا في حقوق الله ولا تصرّفوا فيها الاّ بعد اذنه كذلك قضي الامر في الالواح وفي هذا اللّوح المنيع. من خان الله يخان بالعدل والّذي عمل بما امر ينزل عليه البركة من سمآء عطآء ربه الفيّاض المعطي الباذل القديم. ٥٩ انّه اراد لكم ما لا تعرفونه اليوم سوف يعرفه القوم اذا طارت الارواح وطويت زرابيّ الافراح كذلك يذكّركم من عنده لوح حفيظ.  التلاوة 

97  Should anyone acquire one hundred mithqáls of gold, nineteen mithqáls thereof are God's and to be rendered unto Him, the Fashioner of earth and heaven. Take heed, O people, lest ye deprive yourselves of so great a bounty. This We have commanded you, though We are well able to dispense with you and with all who are in the heavens and on earth; in it there are benefits and wisdoms beyond the ken of anyone but God, the Omniscient, the All-Informed. Say: By this means He hath desired to purify what ye possess and to enable you to draw nigh unto such stations as none can comprehend save those whom God hath willed. He, in truth, is the Beneficent, the Gracious, the Bountiful. O people! Deal not faithlessly with the Right of God, nor, without His leave, make free with its disposal. Thus hath His commandment been established in the holy Tablets, and in this exalted Book. He who dealeth faithlessly with God shall in justice meet with faithlessness himself; he, however, who acteth in accordance with God's bidding shall receive a blessing from the heaven of the bounty of his Lord, the Gracious, the Bestower, the Generous, the Ancient of Days. He, verily, hath willed for you that which is yet beyond your knowledge, but which shall be known to you when, after this fleeting life, your souls soar heavenwards and the trappings of your earthly joys are folded up. Thus admonisheth you He in Whose possession is the Guarded Tablet.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #97

٩٨ قد حضرت لدى العرش عرآئض شتّى من الّذين امنوا وسئلوا فيها الله ربّ ما يرى وما لا يرى ربّ العالمين لذا نزّلنا اللّوح وزيّنّاه بطراز الامر لعلّ النّاس باحكام ربّهم يعملون. وكذلك سئلنا من قبل في سنين متواليات وامسكنا القلم حكمة من لدنّا الى ان حضرت كتب من انفس معدودات في تلك الايّام لذا اجبناهم بالحقّ بما تحيى به القلوب. ٦٠ التلاوة 

98  Various petitions have come before Our throne from the believers, concerning laws from God, the Lord of the seen and the unseen, the Lord of all worlds. We have, in consequence, revealed this Holy Tablet and arrayed it with the mantle of His Law that haply the people may keep the commandments of their Lord. Similar requests had been made of Us over several previous years but We had, in Our wisdom, withheld Our Pen until, in recent days, letters arrived from a number of the friends, and We have therefore responded, through the power of truth, with that which shall quicken the hearts of men.   Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #98

٩٩ قل يا معشر العلمآء لا تزنوا كتاب الله بما عندكم من القواعد والعلوم انّه لقسطاس الحقّ بين الخلق قد يوزن ما عند الامم بهذا القسطاس الاعظم وانّه بنفسه لو انتم تعلمون.  التلاوة 

99  Say: O leaders of religion! Weigh not the Book of God with such standards and sciences as are current amongst you, for the Book itself is the unerring Balance established amongst men. In this most perfect Balance whatsoever the peoples and kindreds of the earth possess must be weighed, while the measure of its weight should be tested according to its own standard, did ye but know it.  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #99

۱٠٠ تبكي عليكم عين عنايتي لانّكم ما عرفتم الّذي دعوتموه في العشيّ والاشراق وفي كلّ اصيل وبكور. توجّهوا يا قوم بوجوه بيضآء وقلوب نورآء الى البقعة المباركة الحمرآء الّتي فيها تنادي سدرة المنتهى انّه لا اله الاّ انا المهيمن القيّوم.  التلاوة 

100  The eye of My loving-kindness weepeth sore over you, inasmuch as ye have failed to recognize the One upon Whom ye have been calling in the daytime and in the night season, at even and at morn. Advance, O people, with snow-white faces and radiant hearts, unto the blest and crimson Spot, wherein the Sadratu'l-Muntahá is calling: "Verily, there is none other God beside Me, the Omnipotent Protector, the Self-Subsisting!"  Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph #100

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